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Okay, okay, your iPhone IS a real camera. You can put me down now. What I really meant was that the SNAP! Pro case will make your iPhone 6/6s not only function like a camera but to feel and look very much like one as well. It has interchangeable ergonomic grips, an actual shutter button, tripod mounting and add-on lenses that let you expand the power of your iPhone camera.

Most iPhone users would have no doubt have faced the issue of holding the phone steady to take a shot in landscape mode. Your hand will inevitably get in the way of the shutter and it is almost impossible to hold the phone steady while trying to click the shutter button single handedly. Well, the SNAP! Pro solves this problem by adding an ergonomic grip similar to the ones you find on a DSLR camera and also adding a real shutter button at the top of the grip. With these two features, taking a landscape photo single-handedly is literally a snap.

The physical shutter button requires no special app, no pairing. no Bluetooth and no cable. It will not drain your phone’s precious battery. And how does the SNAP! Pro do this? Black magic? More like very ingenious engineering actually. The shutter button uses a very well designed mechanical system embedded in the case to physically trigger the volume down button on the iPhone.

There is also a tiny add-on piece that functions as a thumb rest. You literally rest your thumb on this piece as you take a shot but it does give you a better grip.

If you go for the “All-In-One” version of the SNAP! Pro kit, you will get two different ergonomic grips. The first is the black one which is made of plastic and has a tripod mount embedded. The second is really, really cool looking wooden grip which unfortunately has no tripod mount. Installing the grip does require a little work with a screwdriver but that is provided as well.

There is also a total of 6 different add-on lenses for the camera that really add to its versatility. These are really well made lenses with fairly good optics. Some of the add-on lenses serve double duty. These have some kind of wide-angle or fisheye lens on one side which you can flip over to become some kind of macro lens. There is also a polarizer lens that cuts down reflections when shooting in bright daylight and a 3x zoom telephoto lens.

If you go for the entire kit that includes everything, it is going to cost a pretty penny but you can also go just for the basic kit which has just the plastic grip and shutter button case. You can always buy the other items as add-ons when you need them.
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