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Do you have blind WiFi spots in your home? Does your connection speed fluctuate like the relationship status of a Hollywood starlet? Do the think that a router, bridge and extender are things that only a construction engineer should be concerned about? Does the security of your home WiFi network concern you? If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you need the eero, the complete home WiFi system.

For most people, setting up a home WiFi system means choosing a service provider, signing up and letting the technician come over and set up the system for you. If you are lucky, everything works fine and you get good WiFi coverage in most of the important areas in your home. But WiFi signals degrade the further you are away from your WiFi router and the more walls and floors there are in between. Just like sound, WiFi signals gets blocked by physical objects.

As a result your connection becomes unstable. Both signal strength and connection speed fluctuate. Your online video viewing sessions get hampered by frequent buffering. You may also discover dead spots, areas where your connection drops completely.

Looking to resolve this issue you may come across WiFi Extenders that seldom do what they are supposed to do and are confusing to set up. If what you want is something that you can just plugin to the wall outlet and solve all your WiFi connectivity problems, the eero system is just the thing.

The eero complete home WiFi system is easy to set up and all the settings are managed through an easy to use app on your phone. You need about 3 eeros to cover a typical home with one eero for each 1,000 sq. ft. Just connect one of the eero to your current modem and use the app to set it up. You can name your network anything you want.

Next, eero will guide you where to place the other eeros. All you need is a wall outlet to power the eero. The eero system automatically configures the additional units to communicate with each other and set up the entire network. With eero, you get to enjoy the high-speed internet that you have already paid for everywhere in your home. Best of all, the system automatically updates itself through the cloud and opening access to new features.

For the advanced users, you will also be very happy with eero as it gives you full access to configure DHCP, NAT, DNS, UPnP, Port Forwarding, and more.

The system can be purchased as a single unit or in packs of 2 or 3 eeros.
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