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The Cube is a 2 inch cubic shaped ultra-portable projector that is specially designed to work with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and game consoles. This mini projector is fully autonomous and comes with its own rechargeable battery so you don’t have to even plug it in. It features an LED projection bulb that is rated to last for at least 20,000 hours. That is a lot of movies, games and entertainment.

With its aluminum construction, the Cube looks like something that came out from a sci-fi movie. It connects to its source through the included HDMI and MHL cables or you can just pop in a microSD card into the memory card slot. The MHL cable lets you connect the Cube directly to a smartphone that supports MHL.

With MHL you can project whatever that is on your Android phone’s display on a projection screen up to 120 inches across. Imagine watching Netflix or YouTube, or even playing your favorite mobile games on a screen that size. With the Cube, limitations imposed by your phone’s limited screen size are removed.

Due to its small size and portability, the Cube opens up whole new areas on how you can make use of a projector. Some of the suggestions include bringing it along on camping trips and you it to project your exploration map on the side of your tent. Make bedtime story telling more interactive by projecting images on the wall and ceiling to bring your stories to life. Or project your yoga instruction video on the wall right next to you as you go through the positions.

While the LED lamp has a brightness of 50 lumens and is surprisingly bright for a device this size, you will need a darken room in order for the Cube to work properly. A really dark room is best if you wish to project a screen size of 100 inches or more.

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts about 90 mins from a full charge. Also included in the box are the charger, a USB charging cable, a simple remote control and a flexible mini tripod.
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