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Today’s modern flagship smartphones are getting more expensive. If you are unfortunate enough to let it slip out of your fingers, it could mean a fairly huge dent on your wallet to get it repaired or replaced. You could buy some sort of protection insurance but a cheaper solution is to get your phone some heavy duty protection in the form of a protection case. There are many options out there but we recently got to test out the Yesgo iPhone Case for the iPhone 7 Plus.

If you have ever used a shock absorption case, you no doubt realize that you often have to sacrifice aesthetics for protection. The only sure way of protecting your sleek and shiny iPhone is by enclosing it with some kind of shock absorption enclosure. It is no different with the Yesgo iPhone Case although it does look a lot less bulky than many other heavy duty cases out there.

The Yesgo iPhone Case won’t be winning any beauty contests with its angular looks and “busy” elements like the honeycomb indentations on the inner back. The indentations are most probably for reducing weight while keeping the case robust enough to disperse energy from impact. Since they cannot be seen with the phone in place, it is not really an issue.

Despite its slimmer looks (compared to other protective cases that is), this case does come with 2 layers of shock absorption. It has a layer of Polycarbonate plus an extra layer of solid TPU rubber. To protect the glass front from scratches, the bezel has raised lips along the edges. The case comes with a tempered glass screen protector that you can apply on the iPhone for added protection.

During the course of our testing period, our reviewer did unintentionally drop his Yesgo cladded iPhone quite a few times (yes, there is a reason why we picked this particular tester). As far as protecting the iPhone, the Yesgo iPhone Case performed superbly despite the numerous falls and impacts on hard floor surfaces.

The back of the case is totally smooth and a fingerprint magnet. This is rather odd as we had concerns that it was too smooth and lack of grip would result in the phone slipping out of our hands but indentations along the sides of the cover prevented that from happening.

If you are the type who likes to switch your iPhone case around to match your outfit or lifestyle, you will be glad to know that it is real easy to slip the phone in and out of the case.

We saved the best bit for last. There are many protective cases out there with a wide range of looks, features and prices. However as far as price/performance ratio is concerned, the Yesgo iPhone Case is hard to beat. It is a fraction of the price of more expensive models such as Tech 21, but in our opinion, works just as well.
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