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Skyrunner NX Quadcopter – All the Fun Minus the Risks

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Quadcopters are highly popular not just among kids but with adults as well. While the new quadcopters with the four propellers are much easier to control and maneuver compared to RC helicopters, they can still be a bit tricky for a beginner. A mistake can turn a relatively expensive toy (although prices have dropped a lot) into a worthless piece of junk. If you are newbie quadcopter pilot or if you just don’t have the finesse required to carefully land one, you might want to consider flying the¬†Skyrunner NX Quadcopter instead.

Unlike the usual quadcopter design that only has protective barriers for just the propellers at most, the Skyrunner NX Quadcopter actually encases the entire quadcopter in a light weight protective roll cage. Now you no longer have to worry about making a soft landing or hitting other objects while flying. It will just bounce off the ceiling or roll on the ground if you mess up. There is an LED light in the canopy plus the cage even glows in the dark so that you can do some night flying.

As with most quadcopter drones, flying is easy because of the built-in gyro that automatically stabilizes the aircraft. Now that you don’t have to worry about crashing, you can just concentrate on having fun.

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Where to Buy Sky Runner NX Quadcopter

The Sky Runner NX Quadcopter is enclosed in a roll cage that doubles as a shield. No more worries about smacking the ground or smashing the blades.

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