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The queue for your favorite taco stand is getting more ridiculous by the week. But yet you cannot get by without your weekly dose of yellow hard shell stuffed with moist ground meat filling plus shredded lettuce and cheese. How you wish you can take a load of your tired feet while waiting in line. Guess what? Now you can with the Sitpack portable folding chair.

Folding chairs are nothing new but Sitpack brings the folding chair to a whole new level. When collapsed, it is so compact, it can even fit in your pocket. To be truthful it is not exactly a chair. It is more like a walking stick that you can sit on but there is no denying that it really helps in letting your back and feet get some much needed respite.

The Sitpack looks like a small cylinder. Open up the cylinder halves and hidden inside is a segmented collapsible stand. The cylinder halves open up to form a small seat. Extend out the stand and adjust it to your desired height and you have a handy portable seat. The bottom tip of the stand is rubberized for anti-slip.

Fully extended, the seat is almost 3 feet high. The height can also be adjusted to as low as 2 feet high. This allows even children to use it as well.

While the Sitpack itself only weighs about 1.3 lbs, it can support weights of up to 330 lbs. Since your entire body weight is not resting on the chair itself, it can actually support users that are heavier than 330 lbs.

We can think of dozens of occasions when the Sitpack will come in handy. The Sitpack is perfect for outdoor concerts, waiting in line at the airport, fishing, at the bar, your favorite outdoor sports event, and many, many more.

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