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Summer is coming and that means spending more time outdoors either at the beach, park or at the pool. Increase your summer fun about a hundred fold with the portable Inflatable Lounger. What makes this air-filled lounger unique and fun is that it fits into a tiny bag but it inflates in just seconds without needing a single breath of air or an air pump.

To rest and relax in your very own bean-bag style lounger, just unfold the Inflatable Lounger from the bag, spread wide the opening and with a two quick scoops of air or if the wind is blowing just face the opening against the wind and the lounger fills up almost instantly. Just fold the opening to trap the air inside, clip the end shut and you have yourself a piece of outdoor furniture that can support up to 3 people. Or just one if you are going to selfishly lie down on it and have yourself a snooze.

The Inflatable Lounger is made from the same super lightweight material that is used make parachutes. When inflated, it measures up to 7 feet long, over 3 feet wide & 2 feet tall. The material is also super strong and can support over 400 lbs. It can be placed on all kinds of surfaces from beach sand to hard rock to grassy surfaces. It can even be used as a float in a pool.

The lounger comes with side pockets for holding your drinks, reading material or a tablet. You don’t have to reach down for your stuff as all that you need are conviniently within your reach.

When you are done for the day, the Inflatable Lounger deflates and folds down just about as quickly as it inflates. Just pop it back into the carry bag and you are done. The perfect end to a perfect summer day.

However, if you prefer to be in a relaxing sitting position rather than lazing on your back, you might want to check out the TRONO inflatable chair instead. It inflates just as easily but turns into a very comfy sofa-style chair instead.

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