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For those who are old enough to have been exposed to old-school glass mercury thermometers, you no doubt recall that taking a temperature usually means inserting a glass rod under your tongue for a whole minute. If it felt uncomfortable and awkward, imagine using the same method on a small child. That is why the newer ear thermometers are a much better option. To simplify it further, Xiaomi has recently introduced the Xiaomi iHealth contactless thermometer which makes taking a body temperature reading even easier.

Why is an infrared thermometer better than an ear thermometer? There are a few reasons but the main reason is that a contactless thermometer prevents cross infection. Ear thermometers requires the use of a disposable plastic cover to ensure that you do not transfer infectious diseases from one person to another. But many users do not do this due to ignorance or sometimes laziness.

The Xiaomi iHealth uses a German high precision IR sensor from Heimann Sensor that is not only highly accurate but you will be able to get a temperature reading is less than a second. The sensor uses distance sensors as well as ambient temperature compensation to provide a higher degree of accuracy that is not normally found on home use thermometers. Heimann Sensor IR sensors are usually used in industrial class measurement devices in areas such as remote temperature measurement and gas analysis.

The Xiaomi iHealth contactless thermometer has an ergonomic and very stylish design that Xiaomi is well known for. There is only a single large button at the center which makes it really easy to use. A large LED display which shows the temperature is right above the button. The display lights up and can be easily seen even in the dark. The idea is to have a product that is easy to operate and has an ergonomic design.

The Xiaomi iHealth is powered by 2 AAA batteries that is good for about 3000 measurements.

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