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The SHANDONG Muscle Training Gear is a muscle training system is a revolutionary system that trains and tones your abdominal and bicep muscles without you having to lift a single finger? The system uses a new cutting-edge technology known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology. While it may sound like snake oil peddled by quack medicine salesmen of old, this technology is also used in a similar product, the SixPad, a product that is inspired by global football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The system consists of two pads which look like giant band aids plus another bigger pad. The bottom of the pads have an adhesive material that sticks to your skin. The smaller pads are meant for your arm or thigh muscles while the larger pad sits on your abdominal muscles. Also in the package are a couple of what look like hockey pucks with a few buttons on them. These are the controllers that dispenses EMS electrical pulses to the pads. The controllers connect to the pads via 2 connectors.

To use the SHANDONG Muscle Training Gear, you choose one of the 4 training modes by pressing on the controller’s middle button. You can also select one of 6 different intensities of the EMS pulses. The electrical pulses causes the muscles to contract thus giving them a workout. You can then lie down and relax or even go about your daily routine as the EMS works its magic on your muscles.

While the system advertises itself as a system that requires no workout at all, you do get the best results if it is used to compliment your current workout schedule. If your current workout schedule consists of just sitting down and getting up from your TV couch, you won’t be getting sculptured abs like Ronaldo anytime soon.

Another item to take note of is that the SHANDONG Muscle Training Gear only comes with two controllers although it has 3 pads. If you want to workout all three sets of muscles at the same time, you may need an additional set.

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