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The design of the umbrella has remained mostly unchanged for years. Sure, they have become stronger and smaller but they still function the same. Yet, the design of the umbrella is far from perfect. It is difficult to open or close one from inside a car. It drips and it is wet all over after being used in the rain. You always need a free hand to hold on to it when in use. It is time that someone comes up with a better umbrella. The Landrind Upside Down Umbrella solves all these umbrella problems by ironically turning the umbrella inside out and upside down.

The Landrind Upside Down Umbrella revolutionizes the umbrella design by folding upwards instead of downwards.  With this redesign, the dry surface is always on the outside. Now your umbrella is no longer a nuisance when you go indoors or when you bring a wet umbrella into a packed train or bus.

Think of all the times you try to open an umbrella from inside a car during a heavy downpour. By the time you get the umbrella through the car door and extend it far out enough to open it, you are probably half soaked and your car’s upholstery is all wet. With the Landrind Upside Down Umbrella, only a small portion of the umbrella needs to be extended out of the car before you can open it. Closing the umbrella while getting into the car is just as easy. Best of all, you avoid having water dripping all over the inside of your car.

One other benefit of an upside down umbrella is that it can stand on its own without hanging or propping it up. With the flared out bottom, the Landrind Upside Down Umbrella conviniently and steadily stands on its own.

While you can hang a closed umbrella by its curved handle over your arm to keep both your hands free, you always need a free hand to hold it up when it is opened. By introducing a “C” shaped handle, now you can keep both hands free while using an opened Landrind Upside Down Umbrella. With both hands free, you can use your phone and send text messages while still holding onto an umbrella or cradle a child with both hands while keeping both protected by the umbrella.
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