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A big part of the fun in camping is cooking and eating. Somehow, gathering around the campfire and cooking up a simple BBQ is a truly unique experience. More often than not, we end up eating charred and burnt food. However, they still end up tasting better than most of our usual food. Campers often make do with very basic but lightweight cooking equipment. A proper grill is usually a luxury because of the weight and space it requires. The Bison Rolling Grill is still far from a proper grill but it is a whole lot better than what campers use.

Rolled up grills are not all that uncommon. However, the Bison Rolling Grill is probably the best designed and the best quality version of the rolled up grill that we have ever seen. Like most grills of this type, it is made from aluminum to keep the weight to a minimum. What makes the Bison Rolling Grill different is that it is Teflon coated. This makes cleaning the grill a much easier task. Furthermore, it prevents food from sticking to the grill during grilling.

The other feature that sets the Bison Rolling Grill apart is that it features hollow tubes. The hollow tubes allow air to flow through and thus prevent leaving burn marks on your food. This is actually a healthy practice but some people prefer to have char marks on their BBQ food so you can see this as a plus or a minus point.

The idea behind the Bison Rolling Grill is to have the grill roll up like a sushi mat. It comes with a couple of grill guards that slide over the edges of the grill to keep the grill top stiff. Also included are a couple of stake stands that prop up the grill above the fire. The ends of the stakes are sharp so you can reduce the height of the grill from the fire by pushing the legs further into the ground.

Setting up the Bison Rolling Grill takes less than a minute. The entire grill fits into an included bag and takes up as much space as a Pringles can. It is super lightweight at just 1.2 pounds. The Bison can also be placed on top of a larger grill to make use of its Teflon coating surface and simplify cleaning up later on.
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