The Wireless Router You Would Proudly Display


Most of the time, you would normally hide your wireless router or place it somewhere inconspicuous. It is a boring piece of equipment that you normally don’t have to touch once you have it nicely set up. However, the Securifi Almond Touch Screen Wireless N Router + Range Extender looks so good, it would look just great sitting there on your desktop. With its colorful touch screen, it even looks a bit like a digital photo frame.

However, if all the Securifi Almond router and range extender does is to look pretty, it wouldn’t earn a place here on GetdatGadget’s list of great gadgets. It earned its place by being a great WiFi router and range extender. With the big and full color touch screen, setting up the Securifi Almond router and range extender couldn’t be easier. You no longer have to boot up your PC and connect to the Securifi Almond. All this can be done from the intuitive touch interface itself. Now that touch screens are so reasonably priced, they should make this a standard feature on all routers.

To use it as a WiFi range extender, just plug the Securifi Almond within range of your existing WiFi router, pick the SSID and enter the password using the touch screen and it is good to go. Yes, it is that simple.

Besides functioning as either a 300 Mbps WiFi router or a range extender, the Almond Securifi can also be configured as a wireless bridge to add WiFi capability to older Ethernet only devices.

The Almond Securifi is fully secure out of the box. One of the biggest security loopholes is that most routers come with a default user name and password. Newbie users who are not aware may inadvertently leave a big security gap by not changing the default password. The Almond Securifi plugs this potential security flaw by assigning a random SSID and password for each and every device. The default SSID’s “nomap” tag also prevents your router from being tracked by Google’s Location Tracking Database for added security.


Where to Buy Securifi Almond Router + Range Extender


Securifi Almond Router + Range Extender

Almond is a revolutionary device that brings touch to Wireless Routers for the first time in history. For the first time users can setup & maintain their router easily from its highly intuitive touch screen.

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