Turn Any Lamp On & Off From up to 100 Feet Away


We have seen our share of smart switches and smart light bulbs that can be controlled from almost anywhere around the world from an app running on a smartphone or tablet. But there is something just infinitely cool about a stand alone Wireless Light Switch that comes encased in clear stylish acrylic container with a magnetic lid.

Somehow it reminds us of those horror stories with a mysterious switch that controls something unknown. The switch that nobody sane would touch. But of course somebody in the story activates the switch anyway.

You can use the Wireless Light Switch as a portable remote switch. Just attach the receiver to the light fixture you want to control. Great for remotely controlling room lights especially if you are the forgetful type.

The better and much more fun way to use the Wireless Light Switch is to put on a mysterious label like “Doomsday Switch” on the box, leave it lying around your house and see who among your friends would throw the switch.



Where to Buy Wireless Light Switch


Wireless Light Switch

This Chrome plated wireless light switch which is placed in a Lucite box, allows you to control any lamps up to a distance of 100 feet. Buy from Fancy.com