Shhhh…It’s a Secrid


Do you find yourself carrying more cards than cash? Credit is now the new king. Wallet designs need to adapt to this trend. The Secrid Mini Wallet is a slim wallet that is designed to hold up to a maximum of 12 cards while keeping a slim profile. Try doing that with a normal wallet. My old wallet looks like it is about the burst with just half that many cards.

The Secrid Mini Wallet not only manages to hold 12 cards, it has a special mechanism that slide out the cards slowly with just a click allowing for easy access to all your cards. The card compartment is made from aluminum that not only protects your cards from bending but also offer RFID protection and prevents identity theft.

Unlike most other slim or minimalist wallets, the Secrid Mini Wallet still has a compartment that allows you to securely hold a few coins without them dropping out.



Where to Buy Secrid Mini Wallet


Secrid Mini Wallet

Secrid Mini Wallet is in our opinion the best choice. Still flat and enough space for 12 cards and some banknotes. It is made of beautiful leather.

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Secrid Mini Wallet

The Secrid Slim Wallet is a modern wallet for the modern person. This unique wallet includes a special compartment to hold and protect credit cards. Buy from