Turn Any Flat Surface Into a Touch Pad


evoMouse Touchpad, the mouse that looks like a cat. Seriously! Take a look at the evoMouse and tell me that doesn’t look like the profile of a cat. Seriously though, if you are tired of pushing that stupid mouse around to move the cursor, you should consider the evoMouse Touchpad. What the evoMouse does is to turn any flat surface into a virtual touch pad. Now, all you have to do is push your finger around.

Using the evoMouse Touchpad couldn’t be simpler. Just plug it into any USB port like a normal mouse or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Place it on a flat surface. Use your finger like you would on a computer touchpad on the area in front of the evoMouse. evoMouse recognizes multi-touch gestures usch as scroll, right-click, pinch zoom in and out.

Add on the optional key mat, and the evoMouse can even be used as a ultra portable full size keyboard.



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evoMouse Touchpad

The evoMouse is the evolution of the computer mouse. With the evoMouse, your finger is your pointer and there is no more pushing around a physical mouse.

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evoMouse Touchpad

Now’s the right time for the evoMouse, a virtual mouse that works via IR. Once you flip the little guy on, almost any flat, smooth surface becomes a touchpad. Buy from ThinkGeek.com