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We just called the Control Center by Caavo the ultimate universal remote but it is so much more than that. It is like calling the iPhone Xs just a phone. The reason we did that is because what the Caavo Control Center actually does is so revolutionary, there really isn’t any existing device that we can actually compare it to. The closest device we feel is the universal remote. If you have multiple set-top boxes like Amazon Fire TV, Roku or Apple TV connected to your TV, you most probably need this device.

When we hear universal remote, we normally think of a device like the Harmony remote. You think of a remote that is crammed with dozens of buttons to cover every single remote function. The Caavo Control Center does come with a remote but it is a pretty simple remote. The reason for this is that you most likely won’t be needing the remote at all. Like most smart devices nowadays, the Control Center supports voice control.

Before we go into how we control the Control Center using voice, lets dial back a bit and look at how it helps you manage what you watch on your home theater system. If you subscribe to multiple services like cable, satellite and streaming services, you may have a hard time remembering which service has which content. With the Control Center, you just need to plug in all your devices to the 4 HDMI ports at the back and let AI do all the work.

Firstly, the Control Center can automatically detect and identify most of the devices that are plugged in. Set up takes literally just minutes. Once everything is ready, the Caavo home screen presents you with 5 options – Search, Devices, Apps, Watch, and Settings.

The Devices option is probably the most straightforward. Selecting that lets you switch between your connected devices. This is the option that makes the Caavo Control Center function like a universal remote. The Apps option does one better. It lists all your supported apps (e.g., Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, HBO Go) across all your connected devices on a single screen. You don’t have to worry about which device the app is running on. This makes things a whole lot easier.

But wait. It gets better. The Watch option lets you select what you want to watch regardless of app or device. It also helps you keep track of what you are currently watching. If you have a supported DVR service, your recordings are listed here as well.

If you have a particular movie or TV series or even a particular TV episode you want to watch, the Search option is your new best friend. Caavo Control Center will find the right app and device that has that content. If there are more than one source, you can choose which service you want to use.

You can use the remote included with the Control Center to navigate the Caavo UI but the much easier way is to just use voice navigation. You can search for a device (“Search Apple TV”), an app (‘Search Netflix”), watch a channel (“Watch CNN”) or a specific TV episode (“Watch Friends Season 2 Episode 15”).

If you don’t know what to watch, Caavo has got that covered as well. The Caavo Control Center has curated playlists. Some playlists are professionally curated by a Caavo partnered publication like Popular Mechanics, Esquire or Country Living. Others are created and shared by other Control Center users.
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