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Sprout Pencil Stubs Begin New Lives as Plants

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What can you do with a pencil once it gets to short to write with? With a normal pencil, you just throw them away. With the Sprout Pencil, you plant the pencil stub in soil and watch it grow. Unfortunately it doesn’t grow into a new pencil. It would be awesome if it did. Embedded at the end of the Sprout Pencil is a seed. When exposed to water, the seed germinates and grows into a plant. Come to think of it, this is equally awesome as well.

Sprout Pencil comes in 3 different packs. There is a herb pack and 2 different flower packs. The type of plant you get depends on which pack you got.

Kids will love the Sprout Pencil. Not only are they great as pencils, they can also learn about plants and gardening. Once the plant sprouts, the pencil stub itself works as a marker as each pencil is labelled with the seed inside.
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Most pencils, once sharpened down to a stub, serve no further use. Sprout Pencil comes embedded with a water activated seed capsule. A Sprout Pencil can be planted when it becomes too short to use. What was once a writing utensil soon grows into an herb.

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