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Imagine this. You are at a party. The music is a little too loud but you are having a great time. Suddenly, your phone rings. You look at your phone and it is an important call. You need to take this call. Normally this would mean leaving the party and find a quiet place to take that phone call. However, if you are wearing the Sgnl wrist strap, all you need to do is place your fingertip to your ear and answer the call, right there, right then.

Sgnl is innovative new product from Innomdle Lab, a spin off from Samsung Electronics. The device works its magic by transmitting audio vibrations from the BCU (Body Conduction Unit) that is embedded in the device to your ears via your hand. The BCU unit receives sound from your smartphone via Bluetooth. The sound is then converted into vibrations that passes through your arm. When your finger touches your ear, the vibrations converts back into sound that you can hear. You can also speak to the other party via the microphone on the strap.

The technology works great because it has two advantages. Firstly, no one else can listen into what you are hearing because the sound is traveling as vibrations. No one can eavesdrop on it even if they are standing close to you. Secondly, by putting your finger into your ear, you are also isolating outside noise thus creating a quieter environment.

With Sgnl, you can easily answer a phone call by tapping on the strap and without taking your phone out of your pocket. Imagine how convenient this can be. Looking cool like a secret service agent with his finger to his ear is a free bonus perk.

Most people are already sold at this point but Sgnl can do much more. You can turn it into a watch strap for your watch. If you use it with a smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Pebble, you can even initiate a phone call from your wrist. By combining Sgnl with a smartphone, you may never have to remove your phone from your pocket again.

Sgnl is currently raising funds via Kickstarter. It is not surprising that it has already raised over half a million dollars in barely a month. If you want to be one the first to own one, you better hurry over before the campaign ends.
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