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Our smartphones can do the most amazing things. It can call a ride for you. It can order a pizza and have it delivered to you. You can have your wireless speakers play your your Spotify playlist. Take a selfie. Instruct your smart home system to turn on the lights or switch off the heater. But each of these tasks requires you to take out your phone, find the right app and run the task. But what if you can do all these and more with just a press of a button? Flic is that button.

Flic is the wireless smart button that can be programed to do all of the above tasks and much more. Each Flic button can be programed with 3 different actions. You can trigger each action by clicking once, double clicking or long click on the button. Therefore you can have a music button that is set to play or pause with a single click. A double click to skip to the next track while holding the button goes to the previous track.

Your smartphone communicates with the smart button via Bluetooth therefore it has a range of roughly 150 feet. It has an adhesive back. You can stick and set up multiple Flic buttons around your house, at your office or even in your car. Set each button for a variety of tasks. Anyone can use the button as long as it is within range of your phone.

You can even carry one with you at all times with the included Clip. Program your personal button to send yourself a fake call to get you out of an awkward conversation. You can even create an emergency panic button. Just set the Flic button to send an emergency text message with your current GPS location.

More actions and features are being added to the Flic app on a constant basis. Moreover, if an action is currently not available, it is possible to do a workaround using a tasking app like IFTTT.

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