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One the biggest issues with smartwatches is the battery or rather how long it lasts. Most smartwatches last a few days at most with many requiring daily charging. A smartwatch with a drained battery is not very smart as it can’t even tell the time. The Matrix PowerWatch X solves this problem by doing away with a battery completely. Instead, it uses your body heat as the power source to power the watch.

I guess you now see the connection between Matrix the movie and the Matrix PowerWatch X. In case you are wondering, the watch uses a patented thermoelectric technology that takes advantage of the temperature difference between your body and the surrounding air to generate power.

The bigger the temperature difference, the more power the thermoelectric technology generates and gets stored. In fact, the watch even has an indicator dial that shows how much power that is being currently generated.

When you remove the Matrix PowerWatch X from your wrist, all functions get powered down except for keeping time. When you put the watch back on the next morning, all the other functions get restarted.

While the energy generation technology is great, the amount of energy generated is still relatively small compared to a battery in a typical smart watch. Hence the smart watch abilities of the Matrix PowerWatch X is limited.

As a fitness tracker, the watch keeps track of calories, steps, and sleep with highly accurate sensors. The way it tracks calories is quite interesting as instead of calculating based on your weight and height, it actually measures the heat generated from your body to come up with what Matrix claims is a more accurate calorie count.

The Matrix PowerWatch X syncs with your smartphone to notify you if you get incoming calls, text messages and email. However, none of the notifications actually gets shown on the watch so you will need to check your phone.

While the idea of a smartwatch that doesn’t require charging certainly sounds very fascinating, there are many compromises required to make this happen on the Matrix PowerWatch X. You will have to decide if the compromises are worth it. Or you can wait for the technology to mature further on the PowerWatch 2 which features a color screen and more smart features.
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