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Busy parents are spending less time bonding with their children. Working adults are spending less time exercising and staying fit. Now you can do both with the Taga Bike Stroller. This amazing stroller bike not only allows you to bring your kids (yes, kids!) along with you when you go cycling but it also converts into a standalone stroller so that you can use it indoors.

The Taga Bike Stroller is an amazing feat of design, engineering and creativity. It is easy to see that a lot of thought and feedback from parents have gone into the design. As far as we are concerned, it seems to have checked off every check box in our list of features we want to see on a stroller bike. In fact, it even has quite a number of extra features that were not on our list.

The Taga has many cool features for geeky parents but the coolest is no doubt its ability to switch from a bike to a stroller in just 20 seconds or so. No tools are necessary although you do need to temporarily remove the baby seat (and the baby). Watch the video below and tell us you are not impressed. It would have been better if the conversion can be made without removing the baby seat.

The other cool thing about the Taga’s design is that the child seat is placed in front of the cyclist. The adult has full vision of the child at all times and don’t have to dangerously look behind to check on the child. The child seat can be configured to face front or for babies, it can be turned around to face the adult instead.

The next cool thing is the mind boggling number of accessories add-ons and configuration options that are available for the Taga. There seem to be a configuration option for every kind of parent and requirement. For parents with 2 kids, you can add an additional child seat. If your place gets a little too hot under the sun, you can opt for the covered wooden seat that seats two in comfort.

Other options available include side bags for carrying baby items or even a much larger cargo basket that can be used to transport your weekly grocery. Rain covers are also available for keeping the child dry.

The Taga Bike Stroller has a very elegant and stylish European design. It has 3 wheels so that makes it steadier and safer than normal 2 wheelers. To transport it, the Taga can be mounted on a bike rack but it will also fit in a large car trunk.

All the design and features don’t come cheap but then with the Taga Bike Stroller, you can give up your expensive gym membership because you won’t be needing it anymore.
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