It’s More Than an Alarm Clock, it’s a Full-Featured Sleep System


When Hale Devices Inc set out to design an alarm clock dock for Android phones, they didn’t just stop at designing the best alarm clock dock for the Android phone. They went all out and designed an entire full-featured sleep system that includes an alarm clock, charging dock, sleep machine, stereo, speakerphone, and smart notification manager. Not only does the Dreamer Dock make sure that you wake up on time, it has a feature called SmartSilence that automatically screens your calls and messages and only lets urgent calls through.

The Dreamer Dock’s SmartSilence does this by intercepting all calls and messages and puts them through a filter that you can customize to your liking. Calls are filtered 3 different ways and you can switch on or modify each filter according to your preference. The first filter sends a text message to the caller and asks the caller to reply to the text message if the call is urgent. If the caller answers yes then the call goes through and your phone rings. If the caller calls 3 times within 5 minutes, the call is also recognized as urgent and it goes through. Lastly, if someone from your “always ring” call calls, your phone will also ring immediately. With the Dreamer Dock, you can sleep soundly while knowing that you will not miss any urgent calls.

To take care of making sure that you wake up on time, the Dreamer has a 10 watt speaker so that you can have an alarm as loud or as quiet as you want. The alarm app has tons of options including customize scheduling. Need an recurring alarm that only rings once every two weeks? No problem.

The Dreamer Dock also takes care of putting you to sleep. It has a built-in library of soothing sleep tracks such as rainfall, babbling brooks, ocean waves and crickets. Alternatively, you can opt for white noise to mask any noises that are keeping you from falling asleep.

Last but not least, the dock has physical buttons that makes it much easier for you to quickly turn off the alarm or activate the snooze function without fiddling with touch screen controls. There are also physical buttons for playing/pausing and skipping tracks during music playback.



Where to Buy Dreamer Dock for Android


Dreamer Dock for Android

The Hale Dreamer Dock combines your Android smartphone with a cutting-edge alarm clock, with physical buttons, and a sleep sound machine.

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