Our portable devices get more powerful everyday but battery technology is having a hard time catching up. Thus we end up having smartphones and tablets that struggle to last a full day. Most of us rely on power banks to give our devices that extra boost to last through the day.

However, buying a USB power bank usually requires balancing between size and weight against battery capacity. Pick too small a capacity and you end up back on square one with a dead device. Pick too large a capacity and you end up lugging a lot of dead weight with you all the time.

The EnerPlex Jumpr Stack USB Power Bank on the other hand gives you flexibility when choosing between the two. The battery actually comes in a pack of three thin 1600 mAh batteries, each capable of boosting most smartphones 50-80%. Each battery is about the size of a deck of playing cards about 3 credit cards thick.

The three battery packs also stack up magnetically to become a single 4800 mAh battery. Each battery pack also comes with its own built-in micro-USB charging cable.

Depending on your needs, you can take one, two or all three batteries with you and giving you a lot of versatility. Simply attach or detach the batteries from the stack. Charging the EnerPlex Jumpr Stack USB Power Bank is also a simple matter of stacking the battery packs on the included base station. All stacked battery packs get charged at the same time.



Where to Buy EnerPlex Jumpr Stack USB Power Bank


EnerPlex Jumpr Stack USB Power Bank

The Stack is perfect for giving a boost to your portable devices, such as phones, cameras, and GPS electronics. Weighing in at less than a pound, the Jumpr stack batteries are light enough to put in a purse or pocket. Take one , two, or three batteries with you on the go and never be worried that you will be without power.

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