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The Notebook Charcoal Grill is a portable grill from Fire Sense that folds flat like a piece of Ikea furniture. It is quite a marvelous feat of design and engineering. The best part of the design is that assembling the grill requires no tools and it just takes seconds. What you get is a fairly sturdy portable grill that has a large enough cooking area to cook for 6 people at a go.

Unlike what the name suggests, the Notebook Charcoal Grill isn’t as compact as your laptop. It is perhaps about double the size but it does fold flat to about 1 inch in height, about the equivalent to a laptop. In its flat form, it has a handle for easy transportation.

To assembly, all you have to is open up the two halves into a V shape and prop the two side walls into place for the grill to hold its shape. Next you place the two metal grates into the grill. The smaller grate sits lower and is for holding the charcoal. Then unfold the tri-fold cooking grate and place it at the top of the grill. Fully assembled, the grill measures 13″L, 18″W, 13″H.

The cooking surface area measures 17.34″ x 11.82″ which is not very large but you can easily squeeze in 6 burger patties, 6 sausages plus a few vegetables all at the same time.

The Notebook Charcoal Grill won’t replace your normal cooking grill but if you want to do some cooking while on the go, it is much easier to lug this around compared to many other portable grills.
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