The Elegant, All-Metal Activity Tracker


Wearable tech is all the rage at the moment. Everyone either has at least one product, or planning to come out with one or is rumored to be launching one soon. The Misfit Shine Activity Monitor is from Misfit Wearables and is the result of a successful Indiegogo crowd funding project.

The Misfit Shine is an activity tracker that is worn like a watch but it can also be clipped on your clothing as well. The Misfit Shine only has a number of lights arranged in a circle around the edge of the device. The lights are as an indicator on how close you are to meeting your activity goal for the day. It is a simple system but it works well. All the goal settings and record keeping in done via a free app on the iPhone. To sync, just place the Shine in contact with the phone. No cables required.

The Shine can also function as a watch but if someone asks you for the time, they might be wondering why you are staring at your watch for such a long time before figuring out what the time is. This is because it is not a simple task to tell the time using just lights and no display. So while it is possible to tell time, the Shine does not function very well as a watch.

The Misfit Shine is completely sealed and therefore is waterproof. It is one of the rare activity trackers that can be used for watersports. Last but not least, the coin cell battery in the Shine can last up to 4 months.


Where to Buy Misfit Shine Activity Monitor


Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

Shine is the elegant activity and sleep tracker that inspires you to live an active life. Designed to give you motivation at a glance, Shine emits a halo of lights that show progress toward your daily activity goal.

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