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We can never have too much countertop space. Just like how work miraculously expand to fill time, kitchenware also somehow expands to fill empty kitchen countertop space. One easy way to create more countertop space is to stack up your containers. This makes use of the unused vertical space on top of your kitchen countertop. However, the disadvantage is that containers at the bottom of the stack are harder to access. The Joseph Joseph Podium Storage Container Set solves this problem by introducing a podium-like stand that lets you stack containers while leaving the bottom containers easily accessible.

If you are a frequent visitor at GetdatGadget, you may know that we have kind of a thing for Joseph Joseph’s range of products. Not only do they look really good but each product is innovatively designed to solve problems that we have lived with for eons. The Joseph Joseph Podium Storage Container Set is perfect example of this great design and innovation.

What we liked most about the Joseph Joseph Podium Storage is how well the podium itself blends into the product. You can hardly notice it with all the containers nicely stacked up. The bottom of the podium has soft rubbery plastic non-slip feet so that it does not slip or move easily when removing the containers from the podium. The podium surface has a slight indent locating bases for placing the containers.

There are two versions of the Joseph Joseph Podium Storage Container Set. The larger set comes with 5 containers and 4 container sizes. The largest holds 67 oz. The next largest is 45 oz. Then there are 2 medium 32 oz sized ones while the smallest is 18 oz. The smaller set has one 45 oz container and 2 of the smallest 18 oz containers.

The storage containers themselves are made from clear plastic and all come with similar airtight covers. Last but not least, the 4 corners of the containers are rounded for easy pouring. They make transferring food easier and less messy.
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