The Alarm Clock That You Turn On and Off by Flipping it


Here is an incredibly simple and yet really cool idea for an alarm clock. The Flip Alarm Clock lets the user switch the alarm on and off by flipping the alarm clock. The words “ON” and “OFF” are printed in huge letters on both top and bottom of the clock so that you can clearly see if the alarm has been switched on or off.

The Flip Alarm Clock is designed by British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright. The clock also comes with a light switch that is on both sides of the clock. The light switch illuminates the clock face for a few seconds to let you see the time in the dark. There is also a snooze button of course. And just in case you are wondering, yes, the clock display does flip the right way up automatically when you flip the clock.

The Flip Alarm Clock is available a wide array of colors.


Where to Buy Lexon Flip Alarm Clock


Lexon Flip Alarm Clock

When the top of the alarm clock says on, the alarm is set. When the alarm sounds in the morning just flip the clock over and the alarm will turn off. It will then say off on top of the clock.

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