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Magic Tank Emergency Fuel – Spare Tire for Your Fuel Tank

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While most of us have probably never ran completely out of fuel before but if you have driven long enough, there are probably at least a couple of times when you got a bit worried about a dangerously low fuel tank. The Magic Tank Emergency Fuel acts as an insurance against running completely out of fuel. You can think of it as a spare tire for your fuel tank. Just leave it in the trunk until you need it.

It would be highly dangerous to carry spare fuel in a container in your trunk. To make Magic Tank Emergency Fuel safe for storing, the makers removed the highly flammable components from ordinary gasoline. What remains works like gas, gives the same mileage as gas but is safe to be stored at the back of your car for up to 10 years. Ready to be used if you ever get stuck with an empty fuel tank. It even comes with an easy-pour funnel for filling your tank.

The only caveat about the Magic Tank Emergency Fuel is that it requires a warm engine to work. This is usually not a problem if your car just ran out of fuel and you immediately fill the tank up with Magic Tank. The fuel will not harm engine, sensors or converter. You can even drive to the closest gas station and pump in normal fuel together with Magic Tank in the same tank.

Each container of Magic Fuel contains half a gallon of fuel.
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Magic Tank Emergency Fuel is safe to carry in your car because it DOES NOT contain any butane or any other highly flammable components.

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