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While camera optics on modern DSLR and even on your humble smartphone are fast matching or even beating professional camera equipment from just a few years ago, have you ever wondered why most home made videos still look very much amateurish most of the time? One element that is consistently missing from home videos is that smooth panning movement that is achieved by using a dolly. You can now add that smooth panning to your videos with the iFlow Pro Portable Dolly which will instantly elevate its quality.

The iFlow Pro Portable Dolly is a deceivingly simple device that you can mount anything from a DSLR to a GoPro camera to a smartphone and use it to shoot smooth panning shots.

Instead of an expensive dolly rig that includes a huge mount plus rails for the dolly to ride on, the iFlow Pro Portable Dolly is only about 8 inches long and weighs less than 1 pound, allowing you to carry along with you for impromptu shots. It can clamp on a variety of surfaces from a park bench to a hand rail. It’s unique hair clip inspired spring loaded clamping system allows it to clamp to surfaces from a quarter inch up to 2 inches wide. It can also be used on any flat surface area.

The wheels on the iFlow Pro Portable Dolly are made from soft polyurethane that absorbs tiny vibrations caused by the surface. This results in fluid camera movements that easily rivals shots that are made using professional dolly equipment.

Check out the videos below for a sample of what can be achieved using the iFlow Pro Portable Dolly.

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