World’s First Keyless Access System That Fits in Your Pocket


“Swipe to unlock” takes on a whole new meaning with the KISI Keyless Access System. Now you can literally unlock doors with the familiar “swipe to unlock” action.

KISI can be integrated into any existing electronic door entry system. Once integrated, you have complete control over who is able to open your door from anywhere and at any time. KISI comes with an app that allows you to open with the slide of an icon. You can even create temporary digital keys that can be sent to anyone that you need to give access to the door or open a door remotely from your phone.

KISI allows you to manage the rights and log whoever uses a key to open the door. With rights management, you can control access and limit it to certain hours of a day. Access is logged and you can monitor to check which key has been used to open the door. Digital keys can also be cancelled at any time.

If you are a landlord, you can now easily change digital keys whenever you have new tenants. No more worries about tenants creating illegal duplicates and changing locks. Allow easy access to potential new tenants for viewing your property by creating temporary keys.



Where to Buy KISI Keyless Access System


KISI Keyless Access System

Use KISI to upgrade your building to smartphone based access without replacing your current system. KISI is the smallest, strongest – yet most secure access control panel worldwide.

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