The Multi-device Mini Charging Station


Here is another charging station that allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. However, the Joy Factory ZipMini Multi-Charging Station is very different from the multi-device charging station that we have seen so far.

For a device that can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, it is pretty small. The disk shaped ZipMini is only 3.25 inches across. It comes with a couple of “ZipTails” or special charging cables designed for the ZipMini. The ZipTail has a phone connector on one end and a special magnetic connector on the other. When the magnetic connector is placed close to the ZipMini, it magnetically latches on to one of the 4 charging ports.

The ZipTail cable is only about 3 inches long. It sounds unreasonably short but the idea is to leave the ZipTail hang unobstructively on the device itself. If you need to use your device while it is charging, simple pick it up and the ZipTail disconnects from the ZipMini without the need to manually unplug the charging cable. Once you’re done, just place your device back and your device continues charging. Unlike inductive charging, the ZipMini uses conductive charging which is faster and more efficient.

ZipTails are available for Apple 30-pin, micro USB and mini USB. An Apple Lightning to micro USB adapter is included.



Where to Buy Joy Factory ZipMini Multi-Charging Station


Joy Factory ZipMini Multi-Charging Station

The Zip Mini Touch-n-go charging station is the next step in the evolution of mobile device power. Now you can take a call or check your e-mail without having to manually disconnect cables.

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