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It’s an Insult to Call the Ultimate Lightning McQueen a Toy

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If you remember, one of the hottest toys not too long ago was the remote controlled BB8 droid from Sphero. Fans of the droid from the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens were totally amazed at how the toy version of BBQ moved just like the movie version. Sphero has just launched their latest tie-up with Disney. The Ultimate Lightning McQueen is a remote control version of the protagonist from the upcoming Pixar Cars 3 movie soon to hit the screens.

If you were amazed with how Sphero managed to create a very realistic version of BB8, you will be totally blown away with the Ultimate Lightning McQueen. Sphero has managed to packed in so much state-of-the-art technology into their latest release, it would be an insult to call it just a mere toy. The Ultimate Lightning McQueen is comparable to the highly sophisticated animatronics at the Disney theme parks. It feels like Lightning McQueen has jumped out of the screens and into our living room.

Firstly, the car features realistic engine sounds and voice clips from none other than Owen Wilson who voices Lightning McQueen in the movies. With over 300 recorded clips, you won’t be getting bored of the clips anytime soon. Furthermore, the car doesn’t just emit voice clips like most movie tie-in toys. It comes complete with moving animatronic mouth and an “emotive” suspension system that makes the car move just like in the animated movie.

In addition, Ultimate Lightning McQueen has a pair of expressive LCD windshield eyes that completes the illusion of a talking, moving car packed with personality. Last but not least, it has working headlights and rear lights.

All of the above is only half the equation as at the end of the day, Lightning McQueen is all about driving and racing and Sphero has managed to deliver on this end as well. Not only does the car moves like a racing car, it can do real drifts and donuts as well. It even drives like Lightning McQueen in the movies by slightly leaning into corners thanks to the animated suspension. Control is via an app on a connected smartphone. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones.

The app is not just used for controlling Ultimate Lightning McQueen. It also allows you to play games and there is even a rather interesting “acting studio” whereby you can be the director of an action scene by stringing together a few of the 300 over lines with a few preset car animations.

It is amazing how Sphero has managed to capture the personality and emotion of Lightning McQueen in the Car movies with very clever use of technology. It is an absolutely amazing toy and it does have one big drawback, it’s price. At $299, fans of Cars and Lightning McQueen better have deep pockets or parents who do.
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The Ultimate Lightning McQueen with animated eyes, an animatronic mouth and emotive suspension is packed with personality and emotion like no other toy.

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