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The camera on our smartphones has been the main reason for the explosion of images and videos being uploaded to the internet. It provides us with the convenience of having a camera that is always with us. Even that may not be good enough in our never-ending quest to shoot or capture that perfect social media worthy moment in the hope of attracting more likes. That is the gap that the Insta360 GO camera hopes to fill.

The Insta360 GO is the latest camera from Insta360, the makers of tiny 360 degree video cameras like the Insta360 ONE and nano. While these are great 360 degree cameras, not everyone has a need for a 360 degree camera. There is a much bigger market for action cameras or a tiny, unobtrusive camera that you can power on at an instant.

How tiny? It is about the size of your thumb. It is so light and tiny, you can easily clip it on your cap or the front of your shirt. You’ll probably even forget you have it on you.

How many times have you wanted to capture a special or once-in-a-lifetime moment but by the time you took out your phone and turn on the camera, the moment is lost? Many times we believe because it happened to us many times.

The Insta360 GO is always on standby and you can instantly turn it on at the touch of a button. It then captures a short 15 or 30 second clip and turns off on its own. While that might seem a little too short, it is perfect for uploading to social media. With the modern short attention span, even 30 seconds is too long for a single shot.

In our opinion, the biggest selling point of the Insta360 GO is not its tiny size and instant on feature. It is the including of Insta360’s FlowState stabilization feature. It does an amazing job of smoothing out fast moving shots taken with a handheld (or in this case, a body mounted) camera. You can only take that much of action videos before it becomes vomit inducing. The only catch here is that final video resolution is limited to just 1080p. Which again, is not a problem for videos meant for social media.

Not to be forgotten is the Insta360’s AI driven, FlashCut auto-editing software. Making a video is as simple as selecting your clips, pick a soundtrack and let the software do the rest.

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