Just like human beings, there are a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers who try to act tough. Sure, some of them look the part but not many will survive beyond a few minor tumbles or a splash of water. We have come to accept this because lets face it, electronic products are usually fragile and requires tender, loving, care. The Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker definitely passes the tough look test but is it as tough as it looks?

The Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker passes the minimum tougness requirement. It can survive falls and it is waterproof. Most tough speakers stop at that but not the Fugoo. It is also snow proof and sand proof. And the waterproof part? It doesn’t just survive water spills but can be dunked under water for a whole 30 minutes.

The Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker is made from fiber-reinforced resin and a solid aluminum casing that protects it all around. The Fugoo is design to withstand whatever mother nature can dish out. It is the ideal companion for the outdoors. Just strap it to the outside of your knapsack and you don’t have to worry about it dying out on you. It also has an incredible 40 hour battery life to do along with its amazing durability.



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Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker

Barriers are meant to be broken, your Bluetooth speaker isn’t. Introducing FUGOO Tough – the best rugged Bluetooth speaker available.

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