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Xiaomi, the makers of the very popular Mi line of smartphones has added the Xiaomi Flower Monitor to their repertoire. Have you always wanted to dabble in a little home gardening but didn’t think you have the know how? Perhaps you equate gardening to rocket science and think that it is too difficult a task? This plant monitoring device with multiple sensors help take the guesswork out of taking care of your houseplants with the help of your smartphone.

The Xiaomi Flower Monitor is a little device that has a couple of prongs that you need to insert into the soil next to the plant you want to monitor. The device has sensors that monitor and measure moisture, light, pH, humidity and temperature. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The accompanying app uses the collected data and provides you with helpful information such as if the plant has enough water and nutrients. Data collected is also stored on Xiaomi’s cloud server.

The app comes with detailed data for over 900 different houseplants. It also has general information for over 3000 plant species. The monitor runs on a single CR2032 button battery that lasts for about a year.

The Xiaomi Flower Monitor is water resistant and won’t be damaged when you water the plant.

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