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When it comes to a flexible camera mount, one of the best accessories that we have ever used is the GorillaPod. This super flexible tripod allows you to position your smartphone or camera in unimaginable ways and can bring your photography to whole new level when used creatively. We never thought it would happen but we may have found an even better tripod mount for your smartphone or action camera and it is called the Gekkopod.

It is obvious that the Gekkopod is named after the gecko lizard or specifically, one of the lizard’s feet. It consists of 5 very flexible arms that resemble the toes on a gecko’s foot. The idea is to mount your phone or camera to the mounting hole at the center of the Gekkopod and use the flexible arms to wrap around whatever you want to secure your phone to.

Alternatively, you can mount your phone to one of the arms that has a similar mounting hole and just use the remaining four arms for mounting. This provides even more versatility when it comes to mounting and adjusting the camera lens to whatever direction or angle you wish to shoot.

The tips of the arms actually have slight protrusions that provide some friction to keep the Gekkopod in place. There are dozens of different ways to use this truly flexible mount. The arms bend easily enough so that you don’t have to struggle with getting the mount into place but it also has enough resistance so that once you get the arms into position, they stay in position even with the weight of the phone weighing the mount arms down.

The best part about the Gekkopod and the primary reason why we are favoring it over the GorillaPod is that it is really small and lightweight. With all its arms laid flat, it takes up almost no space at all but most of the time we prefer to just wrap it around our backpack or bag strap so that it is easily accessible. However, the Gekkopod is designed to be used with your smartphone or small cameras like a GoPro and you require a different mount for each. It will not work with larger and heavier cameras like a DSLR.
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