Drink or Drunk? You Decide


Ambigrams are rather fascinating, don’t you think? For many people, their first introduction to ambigrams is probably via Dan Brown’s best seller novel Angels & Demons or its equally well known block buster movie adaptation. Something tells us that if the Illuminati characters in Dan Brown’s novel drank liquor, they will all be using the Fred & Friends Bottoms Up Shot Glasses.

The Fred & Friends Bottoms Up Shot Glasses are a pair of gift set shot glasses which has a clever Drink/Drunk ambigram logo printed on the side of the glasses. It says Drink when it is the right side up and magically (well, as magically as it can get when you are drunk) becomes Drunk when flipped over.



Where to Buy Fred & Friends Bottoms Up Shot Glasses


Fred & Friends Bottoms Up Shot Glasses

Fred & Friends set of 2 shot glasses. Upright the glass says Drink. Upturned it says drunk.

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