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Yes, this is yet another smart LED desk lamp from Xiaomi. However, this lamp seems to be designed without the collaboration from Philips like the earlier lamp we reviewed. Like the Xiaomi-Philips lamp, the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp has a very attractive minimalist look that we really dig. So how does this new smart desk lamp differ from the earlier model?

The first thing that we noticed that is different is that the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp does not have the light analyzing feature of the Philips model. We suspect that this feature was something that Philips brought to the collaboration and therefore is not included on this model. It also does not have the dual lamp feature but you can fold the lamp all the way down to create a similar effect.

While the lamp no longer automatically adjust to your ambient lighting, you do have complete control over the brightness and color temperature. This is done via a knob mounted on the base of the lamp. Turning the knob adjusts the brightness while pressing it down while turning it adjusts the color temperature.

Being a smart lamp, the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp connects to your smartphone via an app. You can remotely adjust the brightness and color temperature via the app. As expected, the lamp can be included into Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem which allows you to control the lamp in all kinds of ways.

New features of the lamp include 4 different preset modes. Mode 1 is known as the focus mode. Under this mode, the lamp will flash every 45 minutes as a reminder for you to give yourself a break from whatever you are doing. This is a great idea as many people get too engrossed in their studies or work and forget to give their eyes a break as recommended by medical practitioners.

Mode 2 is read mode which adjusts the color temperature to provide the ideal reading brightness and a more neutral color temperature. This reduces tired eyes. Mode 3 is PC mode which is ideal when using a PC or laptop. This mode reduces blue light from PC screens which has been proven to be a cause of insomnia. The last mode is Kid mode which is designed to protect the eyes of young children.

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