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The Cocoon Mummy Liner is basically a liner or accessory for use with your sleeping bag. It is made from 100% pure silk and therefore very soft to your skin. Using the liner adds both warmth plus an extra level of comfort to sleeping in your sleeping bag.

While the Cocoon Mummy Liner may be just a simple liner, it actually has 3 different uses. The first use would be to add a little more warmth when using a sleeping bag. Silk may be super thin but it can add up to an extra 10ºF of extra warmth. It weights almost next to nothing at just 4.2 ounces. It is also really compact and easily stuffs into the included pouch which is about the size of a soda can. In our opinion, it is a no-brainer add-on for the extra comfort that it brings.

Secondly, if you own an expensive down bag, it is much, much easier to clean the liner than to clean the sleeping bag itself. The last thing you want to do is to compromise a five hundred bucks sleeping bag by putting it through the washer.

The Cocoon Mummy Liner can be used on its own without a bag. On a hot summer night, the feel of silk on your skin can actually be cooling. This also makes the liner the perfect accessory to have along with you if you happen to be staying in a hotel where the cleanliness of the sheets is a suspect.

The liner has no zip or any other fastener. There is only an opening at the top and you shimmy in like you would wear a sock. The inside is actually quite roomy even though it has a narrow “mummy-like” design. If you prefer more space, you can go for the rectangular shaped Travelsheet version.

The Cocoon Mummy Liner is made from super strong ripstop silk. It may look as flimsy as lingerie but the silk is woven with grid-like structure to give it incredible strength. It can be both hand or machine wash and it dries quickly.
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