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With the internet and the right app, you can almost cook just about anything nowadays. Recipes for just about any dish is available from the internet and all you need is the right ingredients, the right kitchen apparatus and some time. This is great for those who love to cook or those who are learning to cook although sometimes there is a lot of guesswork involved as recipes may not be as detailed and precise as one would like. If you are looking for help in making cooking more of a science rather than art, the June Intelligent Oven is here to help.

We haven’t reach the stage where we can dedicate the task of cooking to a computer or robot. While there are many kitchen gadgets and appliances that help make cooking easier, we still have a long way to go before robots take over our kitchens. The June Intelligent Oven does take a step towards a world where cooking decisions are made by a machine instead of by the cook.

Currently we do have modern ovens with all kinds of cooking sensors that help with cooking. However, the June Intelligent Oven is the very first smart oven that uses a high definition camera to capture images of what it cooks and then use that information to control the cooking process. Equipped with the HD camera and 50 preset cooking programs, this smart oven takes the guesswork out of cooking by precisely monitoring what it cooks visually.

In reality, that is usually what separates an experienced cook from a newbie. Instead of relying just on settings and timing alone, an experienced cook usually relies on visual clues on whether something is cooking properly. The June Intelligent Oven does the same by visually monitoring the food. It is even smart enough to identify what is placed inside the oven by using the camera and then automatically suggests the right cooking method.

As with any smart device worth its salt, the June Intelligent Oven comes with its own app. Through the app you can actually watch a live video feed of what is cooking in the oven. At the end of the cooking cycle you can even watch a time lapsed video of the entire cooking process, similar to what you see in a cooking program.

Like many high end ovens, this oven does more than just bakes. It also toasts, roasts and broils. A temperature probe is also included so that the oven can cook to the precise internal temperature to make sure your meats are properly cooked and prevents over cooking. Last but not least, the oven also comes with a built in digital weighing scale so that it can adjust the cooking time and temperature automatically.

For a start, the June Intelligent Oven can automatically recognize over 20 different types of food and it has about 50 presets for cooking. For the foods that the oven recognizes and cooks using one of the presets, you can be assured of a tasty dish. The makers of the oven are constantly adding more recognizable foods and presets.
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