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It is a never ending battle between your perfectly clean sneakers and the dirt, mud and grime out to destroy them. It is time that you get some help. Crep Protect is a 3-step protection system that provides the best protection to help keep your shoes clean and safe from destruction.

Crep Protect is a specially designed solution for both protecting and cleaning shoes and sneakers in particular. It comes in a convenient travel pouch for easy carry. The first part of the solution is a super-hydrophobic spray. The spray adds a hydrophobic layer on your shoes. This special layer repels all kinds of liquids from water to red wine to tomato sauce thus preventing from staining your shoes. The layer lasts about 2 weeks before a new coating is required.

Also included in the kit is a set of Crep Protect wipes. These are not your ordinary baby wipes packed in a fancy individually wrapped packaging. Each piece of wipe actually has two different surfaces. The rougher surface is for tougher stains that require a little more scrubbing. The smoother surface is best for a quick wipe and shine just before you step into an important meeting. The can also conveniently carry the wipes in your wallet so that you have them handy for emergencies.

The third component is the Crep Protect Cleaning Kit which is like a complete spa treatment for your sneakers. It consists of a specially formulated cleaning solution that uses 98% natural ingredients like coconut extracts and jojoba. There is also a brush with hog hair bristles that cleans all fabric surfaces thoroughly but gently. Lastly there is a soft, super absorbent and non-abrasive microfibre cloth for quick drying. It is also used for giving your shoes a final buffing to get them beaming.

The three items are sold together as a special Crep Protect Ultimate Pack but they are each sold separately as well.

Crep Protect has come up with a whole series of videos that have sneakers that have been abused by everything from mustard, to melted M&Ms to red wine. And yes, at the end of the videos, the sneakers did live to tell the tale, thanks to Crep Protect.
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