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Vertical gardens are a great way to grow a garden that requires a tiny footprint. That makes them ideal for apartments or a small balcony. Another great use of a vertical garden is a herb garden in the kitchen. Imagine having freshly grown herbs within easy reach for your recipes. However, vertical gardens are not that easy to maintain as they normally require special irrigation systems. The Mr Stacky Stackable Planter is an easy way to grow a vertical garden that doesn’t require a complicated irrigation system.

The Mr Stacky Stackable Planter is not a vertical garden in the true sense. It does allow you to plant vertically thus taking up very little horizontal space (about 1 square foot) but it is made up of planters that are stacked up. However, the effect is just the same. Watering your plants is even easier than a normal garden. All you have to do is water the top planter. Each planter has its own water reservoir and once it is full, water overflows to the next level.

Each planter is a single cavity but it has four sections for planting. The center is meant to be left unplanted so that the next layer can be stacked on top of it. You can plant 5 plants in the top planter though. The planters are stacked in a staggered manner and are suitable for all kinds of plants including strawberries, herbs, succulents (cactus), greens, peppers and more.

The planters are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Because of their modular construction, you can easily transport the planters between the two.

Each Mr Stacky Stackable Planter set comes with 5 planters plus a bottom saucer. They are made of heavy duty Polypropylene material and has UV inhibitors that protects the planters from fading and cracking under the sun. With the 5 level planter, you can plant a total of 21 plants, 4 each in the lower planters and 5 in the top planter.
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