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A bike usually has limited cargo space. Most cyclists do not want to install an ugly cargo rack that totally crimps their style. Furthermore, most bike baskets look like someone strapped a garbage can to their bike. The Bent Basket is not just the best looking bike basket that we have ever seen by far. It is also far more functional and versatile compared to a normal bike basket.

The Bent Basket looks nothing like a bike basket. Instead of a metal wire basket, it looks more like a wooden tray with four elastic belts crisscrossing the center of the tray. Although the wooden base looks thin and fragile, it is actually very tough and durable. It is made from compressing multiple layers of maple veneer. It uses the same process that is used to manufacture skateboard decks.

The stretchable straps works great for holding all kinds of cargo in place. The work like the bungee cords that you normally use but these look so much better and the wide straps holds more securely than the thin cords. You can also easily remove a few of the straps depending on what you wish to transport. They also come in a few different colors so you can choose the color you like or mix and match to fit your style and taste.

The straps can be used to secure everything from a carton of beer bottles to a laptop to a large package to a bouquet of flowers without crushing any of the delicate flowers. The basket can hold about 50 lbs.

The Bent Basket includes a universal mounting bracket that fits most front and rear metal cargo racks. Mount one on both front and rear to double your cargo space. The basket is weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet in the rain or exposed to the hot sun.
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