The Ultimate Protection for Your Car Paintwork


The 3M Paint Defender System protects sections of your car paintwork that are most susceptible to nicks and scratches such as the front of the hood, the bumper, fenders, side mirrors, bottom of the door panel, etc. The 3M Paint Defender System is applied as a clear and dries into a protective invisible film to protect the under layer from damage.kit contains 3M Paint Defender Spray Film, a

The kit comes with the 3M Paint Defender Application Kit, a 3M Paint Defender Spray Trigger, and a 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth. Instructions are also included but there are are also instruction videos available online.

The protective film can provide protection and last up to about 1 year. Save money on expensive paintwork touch-ups.



Where to Buy 3M Paint Defender System


3M Paint Defender System

The 3M Paint Defender System provides everything you need to protect your vehicle’s paint where it matters.

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