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Riding a bike is great form of exercise plus it makes the world a much better place. If you have been relying on your car charger to charge up your gadgets while on the go, making that switch from your car to a bicycle may not necessary mean devices with dead batteries. Especially if you have ThePlug III dynamo USB charger. This nifty USB charging device constantly charges your devices as you ride your bike.

ThePlug III dynamo USB charger charges your device’s battery from a standard USB port that can be conviniently mounted to the handlebar of your bike. ThePlug III connects to the bike’s dynamo hub or sidewall dynamo and converts the AC power generated by the dynamo to the correct DC power to power up your devices. It even has safeguards in place to prevent damage to your devices by cutting off the power if the current generated is too high.

ThePlug III

ThePlug III has very low rolling resistance and the extra load it puts on your cycling is hardly noticeable. Furthermore, it can generate enough power (5V/500mA) to start charging at a relatively low speed of 12 km/h (7 mph). The components of ThePlug III are weather resistant and can withstand splashing from any direction.

It must be noted that ThePlug III does not come with a built-in rechargeable battery so you won’t be able to charge it up and bring it along with you when you get off your bike. However, you can use it to charge up a USB power bank and use that instead to charge your phone and other devices when you get off the bike. ThePlug II also cannot be used to charge devices that require a high charging current like an iPad.
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