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Are you worried about nosy co-workers who sneak a peek at your Macbook screen while you are away from your desk? How about total strangers who might glance at sensitive information on your laptop while you left it unattended at the local Starbucks? With the Sesame 2 Macbook Wireless Security Token, this is no longer a concern as your screen will automatically blank out and lock down the moment you step away from your Macbook.

The Sesame 2 from Atama is a nifty little gadget about the size of a keychain fob that works as a wireless proximity lock for your Mac. Just keep it on your keychain, lanyard, pocket or purse and it automatically locks your Mac when you walk away from it. And when you step back in range, your screen unlocks itself, letting you get right back to where you stopped. Alternatively, if you are the paranoid kind, you can enhance security further by having a 2-factor authentication for unlocking your Mac, requiring both the Sesame 2 and your system password to re-enable access.

Sesame 2

There are plenty of settings to let you configure Sesame 2 the way you want it to work. You can set the effective range or set an additional timer that counts down before it locks your Mac.

Sesame 2 also helps in saving your battery on your Macbook by switching off the screen the moment you move away. If you move away for an extended period, the battery saver profile kicks in.

The Sesame 2 Macbook Wireless Security Token is compatible with all Mac computers even those as old as from 2011.

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