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Chinese smart device manufacturer, Xiaomi, is branching away not just from electronics but into sports accessories and clothing items as well it seems. A whole new range of products from Xiaomi now include items like t-shirts, luggage bags and sneakers. The Xiaomi Sports Backpack Multifunctional Bag that is being featured here is among the newly introduced items.

While it may seem strange for a company like Xiaomi to produce sports related apparels but it may be a smart move on Xiaomi’s part. The Xiaomi brand is widely recognized in most Asian countries and the Mi Band is a very popular smart fitness tracker for the budget conscious active crowd.

The Xiaomi Sports Backpack Multifunctional Bag is constructed from Nylon and is very light at under half a pound. It has a fairly large capacity at 20L and you can carry up to 10kg (22lbs). It is a multipurpose, multifunctional bag that is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities and traveling. There are additional side and small pockets for storing all your gadgets and devices. The nylon material is water and crease resistant.

The Xiaomi backpack comes with 3 different styles with slightly different looking top portions. It also comes in 3 different colors.

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