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Creature Speaker – Your Buddy in the Shower

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How would you like to have Beyonce in your shower with you belting out hits like “Naughty Girl” and “Halo”? Yes, we are serious and yes, you can. Before you get all excited (for having Beyonce singing in your shower or just having Beyonce in your shower), Beyonce so happens to be the name of one of the Creature Speakers Bluetooth waterproof shower speakers. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The Creature Speaker range of shower speakers from On Hand come in 2 designs, a cute looking snail and an adorable octopus. Each design comes in various colors and each colored model has a different name. Beyonce is the name of the blue snail while other Creature Speakers have names like Ozzy, Aretha and Elvis.

Speaker Creatures

The wireless speaker connects to any Bluetooth enabled audio player including your smart phone or tablet. It has three multi-function buttons that allow you to play, pause, skip backwards, skip forward and adjust the volume. It even has a built-in microphone so if you desire, you can even have a conference call right there in your shower. The bottom of the speakers have suction cups that lets you easily attach the speaker to a glass wall or to a bathroom tile.

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Speaker Creatures are Bluetooth speakers for the shower! They are a reliable shower buddy designed to make rocking out in the shower so much better!

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