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It is about time that your luggage gets as smart as your smartphone, smartphone and other smart devices. Traveling can be stressful when things don’t go as planned and as any seasoned traveler will tell you, this happens far more often than we like. When it comes to your luggage it is not uncommon for it to be misplaced, lost or paying obnoxious fees for overweight luggage. Spare yourself from these issues with the Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage.

When connected to your smartphone, the mobile app will let you remotely locate, lock, unlock or even weigh your now-smart carry-on luggage. Aside from that, the app will also allow you to check your data and travel history. The Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage also comes with a built-in battery that is perfect for charging your mobile phone up to six times. You never need to hunt for a power outlet or a charging station at the airport again.

The suitcase comes with 3G and GPS capabilities so you can easily locate your suitcase. This is a whole lot more sophisticated than item trackers that make use of limited range Bluetooth technology. With 3G and GPS you have global coverage so you can locate your baggage anywhere in the world. You will probably find out that your luggage didn’t get on the plane even before the airline realizes it.

With its built-in scale in the handle, you will know if your baggage is within the airline’s luggage limit by just lifting it up. No more nasty surprises or exorbitant fees at the check-in counter. At the security checkpoint, breeze through security with the easy access electronics compartment.

Last but not least, this luggage comes equipped with short range proximity sensors that utilizes Bluetooth. You get alerted on your smartphone when the luggage goes out of range. The luggage will even automatically lock itself when it goes out of range as a safety precaution.

The Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage includes a Tripdata app for getting insights about your travel habits. The Bluesmart was funded on Indiegogo raising $2,118,527 from 10,592 backers.

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