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Thanks to lamps powered by LED light bulbs that are highly efficient and thus require very little power to light up, portable lamps that are ideal for camping, backpacking and other outdoor activities are small, lightweight and light up for hours. There are quite a few that have rechargeable battery that can be recharged using solar powered and we have even seen one that uses a portable hydroelectric generator for recharging. However, the Aqupa Lamp is the first saltwater powered portable lamp that we have ever seen.

The Aqupa Lamp looks very much like a normal lamp with its simple but stylish looks. However, it requires no dry cell or rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. It is powered by an electricity generation process that is known as “air-magnesium fuel cell”. To power the lamp, all you have to do is pour saltwater into the reservoir. If you can’t find saltwater, just mix fresh water with some salt.

If you are amazed and wondering how saltwater can be turned into electricity, we have wondered the same and done the research for you. In actual fact, the saltwater does not generate electricity. It only acts as an electrolyte that allow the flow of ions between the metal anodes made from highly oxidizable metal. In other words, the Aqupa Lamp does have a battery only that the battery is a little different from those we are used to seeing and it uses saltwater.

However, the Aqupa Lamp is not just some novelty item. Having a lamp that runs on saltwater does have its uses. Firstly, when it is empty, it is pretty light. If you have access to water, you don’t have to bring saltwater along with you. Just bring a few packets of salt and mix that with water when you want to power the lamp. Included with the lamp is a measuring spoon so that you can get the right amount of salinity.

Secondly, when not in use, the metal anodes can last for years. Therefore, you can simply store the Aqupa Lamp for a very long time without worrying about dry cell batteries corroding the contacts or rechargeable batteries that deteriorate over time.

Although the Aqupa Lamp is not the magical device that can light up the world using nothing but saltwater and drive power companies out of business, it has its advantages and still a very cool device. No doubt it will draw a lot of oohs and ahhs from your fellow campers.
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